Canberra Shopping Centre – Tiger Lane

Tiger Lane Project Overview

The Queensland Investment Corporation’s vision was to curate an unparalleled dining escapade within the bustling food court of Canberra Shopping Centre in the ACT. At the heart of this culinary symphony lies Tiger Lane, an exquisite culinary haven encompassing 9 splendid dining establishments, each offering a journey through the flavours of Japan, South Korea, Southern China, Northern China, and Southeast Asia. Guided by the expertise of one of Australia’s most renowned chefs, Tiger Lane aspires to redefine dining excellence.

In pursuit of enhancing this gastronomic journey, Melbourne LED stepped in with a transformative solution. Their mission was to bestow a captivating visual narrative upon the entrance, taking patrons into a world of unparalleled sensory delight. The centerpiece of this endeavor is an extraordinary 15-meter LED floor display boasting an impressive 3.9 pixel density, a state-of-the-art installation that seamlessly integrates technology and design.

The MLED LED floor installation transcends conventional boundaries, orchestrating an awe-inspiring symphony of colours and visual marvels. As visitors step onto this LED tapestry, they embark on a visual odyssey that culminates in the enchanting realm of Tiger Lane. This experience is a testament to the power of cutting-edge technology to elevate and amplify the dining journey.


View this video showcasing the design insights of Tiger Lane by the Interior Life.

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