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Foot Locker Project Overview

Melbourne LED Displays has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, revolutionising visual experiences since its inception. With a remarkable journey that includes Foot Locker at QV in Melbourne in 2019, we have continued to elevate the standard of LED displays across Australia and New Zealand. Our diverse product range, featuring custom-made Pixel 3, transparent screens, and Pixel 2 LED stairs, has marked the beginning of an impressive venture.

Foot Locker: QV, Melbourne – 2019:
Our journey commenced at the QV store in Melbourne in 2019, where we unveiled a total of 30 square meters of LED brilliance. The products we offered included custom-made Pixel 3, transparent screens, and Pixel 2 LED stairs, setting the stage for a transformative experience in visual technology.

Expansion and Milestones:
Since our inception, we have successfully completed over 30 Foot Locker stores across Australia and New Zealand. Notable flagship store completions include Sydney Pitt Street in October 2021, Adelaide Rundle Mall in November 2021, Brisbane Albert Street in November 2022, and the Sydney George Street Revamp in March 2023.

Technical Expertise and Global Reach:
Our expertise isn’t limited to installations. In July 2023, our MelbourneLED technicians showcased their prowess by executing significant repair work on a 15-year-old LED system at Korea M Plaza. Moreover, our global footprint expanded as we partnered with Fusion OPG, providing LCD and LED solutions to esteemed brands like Nike NCX (Men’s), WCX (Women’s), and JCX (Michael Jordan’s) at Korea M Plaza & Hongdae in June 2023, followed by Thailand Bangkok Siam Center in August 2023.

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