Levis Project Overview

Melbourne LED has unveiled a remarkable LED installation within the Levis. Situated in the Emporium shopping centre, nestled in the heart of Melbourne City. The primary objective behind this installation was to deliver an authentic digital encounter to Levis patrons.

Bespoke P2.5 Pixel Archway: Melbourne LED meticulously crafted and placed a custom P2.5 pixel archway, adorning the storefront. This archway boasts high-resolution LED panels with an ultra-fine 2.5mm pixel pitch, guaranteeing vivid and crystal-clear visuals for all digital content exhibited.

Expansive P2.5 LED Display: In conjunction with the pixel archway, an expansive P2.5 LED display was seamlessly integrated at the entrance of the store. This sizeable display also employs a 2.5mm pixel pitch, ensuring the presentation of sharp, intricately detailed visuals.

Such LED installations offer versatile applications, including the showcasing of promotional content, running advertising campaigns, or elevating the overall Levis shopping experience by creating an immersive and dynamic atmosphere that captivates and engages customers.

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