Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes Project Overview

Luxury Escapes envisioned an extraordinary transformation for their flagship store at Chadstone Shopping Centre. In response, MLED embarked on a mission to revolutionise their in-store marketing prowess. The objective was to craft an unparalleled LED digital encounter that would seamlessly integrate with their architectural masterpiece, enabling them to harness the power of visuals for marketing their products and providing essential customer information.

MLED’s innovative solution materialised in the form of an expansive, true 4K 2.5 pixel LED display spanning over 10 meters in length. This mesmerising digital canvas found its perfect place within the store’s exquisitely designed interior, accentuated by a stunning large brass arch that envelops the huge LED screen as you enter the store.

Through this meticulously crafted LED installation, Luxury Escapes can now amplify their marketing endeavours, captivating visitors with breathtaking vistas of their unparalleled holiday destinations around the globe. The displays not only capture the essence of their luxurious getaways but also serves as a beacon of information for their customers, allowing customers to effortlessly access and comprehend details about upcoming holiday offerings and special occasions, such as holiday schedules.

In essence, the Luxury Escapes LED installation serves as a dynamic marketing tool that enchants customers and informs them with clarity, all while seamlessly blending with the store’s artistic environment. This collaborative effort between Luxury Escapes and MLED epitomises the marriage of technology and aesthetics, elevating the in-store experience and exemplifying the art of captivating communication.

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