VR+LED interactive display is an important frontier of the new generation of information technology. It integrates technologies in many fields such as multimedia, sensors, new display, Internet and artificial intelligence. It is expected to become the basis of many innovative applications, and promote new products and new formats. The new model leads a new round of technology and industry changes. From a technical point of view, supporting the development of VR industry technology and artificial intelligence processing will make VR have a better immersive experience in various application scenarios. “Technology, application, market” go hand in hand. VR is moving from the unreachable virtual to the gradual reality. With the advent of the technological age, we slowly turn to the “space + time + people” scene, incorporating consumer features into it. This requires enhanced display technology, which not only forms a good interaction with consumers through the big screen, but also becomes a gathering place for scene marketing.

The intelligentization of the LED display allows more users to have a more realistic scene experience. When people interact with the LED display, they can create a scene that combines scenes, making it easier to incorporate human emotions into the display. In the entire virtual reality market, virtual reality products are inseparable from LED displays. In addition, from the perspective of the virtual reality industry chain, LED display is the most basic and important hardware. The LED display has better image quality effects and can significantly improve the user experience of VR products.

Intelligence is the trend of modern human civilization. Industry has gradually integrated this element and realized more intelligent technologies. The LED display that has been boring in people’s image has become full of wisdom and vitality. LED display manufacturers need to gradually transform their roles from manufacturers and developers to service-oriented solution providers, and more will integrate user needs into the overall solution. Virtual reality technology is bound to become the leading role of the next technology era, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the LED display industry.