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LED Video Wall System


  • Video wall displays are created from multiple monitors, panels, or projection screens in a tiled arrangement. With this, extremely large displays with high resolutions can be created.
  • This comes in a variety of different display technologies, this includes LCD, LED, projection, and more. Each of these types have different advantages and disadvantages related to resolution, brightness, cost and dependability.
  • There are many different applications for this technology; it could be flat, curved, or be of a 3D shape. The size can also differ to be portable or be large enough to fill the side of a building.

XD LED Video Wall System

Our next generation XD LED Video Wall System will deliver a complete solution for your needs. We embed video processing directly in the signs and use a web-based control and management software. We also support a range of pixel pitches and provide an industry-leading wall mount, full front service access and a robust design you can rely on.

Engineered for Performance

XD LED Video Wall design aims to take advantage of the benefits to using fine pitch LED. Having a 16:9 aspect ratio allows the video wall to scale to Full HD, 4k, or 8k resolutions. The design solution is highly customisable, being able to address mounting, space constraints, alignment, fault tolerance, power efficiency, scalability and long life. This flexibility allows for more value for the customer in designing a solution that uniquely addresses their needs.


Advanced Video Wall Processing with Integrated Synchronization

The XD Video Controller incorporates NOVA, Colorlight and HD Video Wall Processing to provide the user with more extensive control over displaying the content on the video wall. It delivers on-display and off-board wall processing and makes it possible to integrate multiple sources onto the one display. Users can layer one image over another and incorporate up to four unique sources within a single display.

  • XD supports up to four 4K 60Hz inputs
  • Supports HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDCP 2.2
  • In-built video signal extension over CAT6
  • Optional fibre optic support for longer video runs and more signal security

Simplifying Operation and Management

XD provides users with a powerful web-based user interface that makes set-up, configuration, operation and monitoring simple. It allows users to:

  • Drag and drop sources onto the video wall canvas to manipulate position and size
  • Utilise presets for previous layouts to quickly customise content
  • Watch over health status of video wall modules from a central, local or remote location
  • Troubleshoot problems with power supplies and video controllers

Precision Alignment, Easy Front Service and Flexible Installation

XD LED Video achieves less than 150mm profile depth making it exceedingly thin.

    • Next-generation LED video wall system with built-in processing

    • Available in 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5, and 3mm pixel pitches

    • 16:9 aspect ratio

    • Features Software for simplified installation, monitoring and video wall management

    • Supports 4K at up to 60Hz and scaling

    • Mission-critical design for 24×7 reliability

    • Delivers slim profile install depth with precise alignment, front installation and front serviceability