Your Vision, Our Creativity

There are many types of Custom Wall LED Display. Different from normal Indoor or Outdoor Wall LED Display. Custom Wall LED Display focus on multi-edges LED display, L-Shape LED display and custom scenario LED display, such as waterfall video upon a door and so on. Custom Wall LED Display was widely used in museums, exhibition and theme part to satisfy hosts’ requirements and visitors’ visit experiences. With advanced technology of XD Vision LED modules, MelbourneLED can achieve all your dreamed effects by design and install the LED that suits yours environment the most.

They are including:

  1. U-Shape LED Screen or L-Shape LED Screen

    The L-screen or U-screen can be understood as a complete screen of a sky screen, a vertical screen and a ground screen, used to display some unconventional image content. Through the fusion software, three-dimensional processing system and intelligent central control system to convert the model data into digital display bringing a real and illusory experience and a good visual sense. It can also be classified as an innovative display form that can be widely used in urban planning halls, digital exhibition halls and some creative mapping shows.

  2. Custom-Shape LED Screen

    Apart from L-Shape and U-shape LED Display, MelbourneLED can also provide you the opportunity to design and build LED wall which have unique shape and functions, such as square, rectangle, triangle, oval, round, rhombus, and so on. We can also design the combination of multiple LED screens with different shapes according to your requirements and expectations.

  3. Custom-Scenario LED Screen

    MelbourneLED is not only focus on the shape of custom LED Screen, we focus on the LED Scenario which can bring visitors entertainment and enjoyment as well. MelbouneLED can combine multiple technologies to make your LED ‘MOVE’. We can make your small LED Screen spin and flip to perform better display effects or blend into background to achieve an amazing show. We can also make your LED screen a door and perform relevant vision effects when the door is open or close. We can achieve all the vision effects which can conducted by LED screen. For MelbourneLED, there is nothing that you can think of while we can’t do.

    • Widely used for indoor, outdoor and HD video effect.

    • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

    • Can be different size based on the module size.

    • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

    • Special design of the led software.

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Front access maintenance, whole finished products, no need extra installation work.

    • Different shapes  installation are available for choose.