Your Vision, Our Creativity

The immersive time tunnel belongs to the field of VR display technology, including a large screen with a spherical display within 180 degrees and a large screen with a 360-degree cylindrical inner curved surface. The entire tunnel is spliced by LED modules without any seams. The delicate display screen combines meticulously created multimedia videos, from shallow to deep, from one side to the back, and then uses the artistic approach to interspersed, moves, and changes the color background to develop the dynamic expression of the development process.

Visually, we create a rich picture experience like the “undersea world”, which is displayed in a time tunnel. Considering that the visitors’ line of sight is relatively close, we use high-density LED modules. And in the place where the two sides of the time tunnel are close to the ground, static decorative light strips are used to cooperate, which is the overall effect to achieve dynamic and static combination, eliminating any monotony in the process of media playback. Putting people in a large semi-spherical ball gives people complete immersion, presence and realism.

    • Widely used for indoor and HD video effect.

    • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

    • Can be different size based on the requirements of clients.

    • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

    • Special design of the led software.

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Provide 3D immerse experience for visitors and clients, perfect for entertainment, museum and gallery display

    • Different shapes  installation are available for choose.