Your Vision, Our Creativity

Are you relying on the same, trite, advertising strategies to engage your customers? People, these days, are inundated with stimuli, everywhere they look. From visually captivating advertisements, to a constant sea and barrage of entertainment, it takes a lot to captivate attention these days. And that is precisely why you need Yaham’s LED stairs.

This is unlike any advertising medium that has ever surfaced in the world of marketing. A basic staircase can instantly become a series of whimsical, colorful steps-with our help. Your customers will no longer resent climbing a staircase with our inventive LED technology.

LED Stairs Features and Specifications

Our LED stairs are designed with many unique features and specifications. Firstly, the front is easily accessible for hassle-free maintenance, one of the many advantages we offer our customers. With our 6 dimensional adjustment, and personalized design, we are committed to dazzling our clients with unfailing quality.

You can lavish your store in a sophisticated, futuristic, and awe-inspiring design with our services. All staircases get a hefty dose of foot traffic, which is why we design our LED stairs with durable and sturdy materials. The beauty of this product is you can select a uniform design (with identical staircases) or you can customize specific designs for each step.

Our high-reliability model ensures both energy efficiency, for the environment, low attenuation and reliable performance as well. With illuminating color and clarity, adjustable lighting, and mood improving effects, you cannot go wrong with LED stairs. We combine high strength and precision, with a dependable power supply, to ensure that your LED stairs function at optimal capacity.


In spite of our glorious color quality, uniformity and high quality 3 in 1 SMD, we use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. So, you can be fancy and protect the environment as well. Maintenance is designed to be easy, as it can be accessed from the front and the back.

You have the opportunity to exercise influence in your industry, with this incomparable service. We can turn your latent dreams into tangible realities. If you can imagine it, we can most certainly build it.

Imagine the social media possibilities of a LED stairs display. Customers will photograph these amazing stairs, share the photos on social media, and market your company as a result. Clearly, the advertising possibilities are endless.

    • Convenient maintenance: simple design, easy for installation, dismantle and maintenance

    • Wide view angle: SMD 3 in 1, with large viewing angle, clear and smooth displaying effect, rich and soft colors.

    • Perfect effect: High gray processing capacity, high refresh frequency with better display effect.

    • Impact resistance: High abrasion resistance mask, can be directly trampled on the floor, no damage on the screen.

    • High toughness: We use strong and durable die casting aluminum structure for LED Stair Display, convenient for the transportation.

    • High protection: Full sealing design, and the Ingress protection up to IP68

    • Professional design: Our Stair LED Display uses special light-spot atomization treatment; completely avoid the water wave phenomenon.

    • Various display content: Stair LED Display can display video image, text, animation and others.

    • Long life-span: Stair LED Display has High corrosion resistance and good heat dissipation to make sure it has longer life span.

    • Professional design: Our Stair LED Display uses special light-spot atomization treatment; completely avoid the water wave phenomenon.

    • arious signal input supporting