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The spherical LED display is mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, spherical lighting projects, etc. The spherical LED display can not only play video advertisements, brand advertisements, but also decorative lighting. Diversified installation methods, can be seated, hoisted, inlaid, embedded and other different installation methods to meet the installation needs of different customers. The spherical structure design, the display unit has been specially processed, and has the display effect that cannot be realized by the ordinary conventional display screen; the spherical stereoscopic playback, 360° viewing without dead angle, personalized design, and a shocking visual impact.

The LED Spherical Display is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Generally speaking, the indoor full-color spherical screen has a pixel pitch of 2mm (P2), 2.5mm (P2.5), 3mm (P3), 4mm (P4). Outdoor full color The pixel screen has a pixel pitch of >6mm (P6).Through the 3D Spherical LED display, we can easily associate with the Circular LED display, but in fact, the generation process of the spherical LED display will be more difficult.

    • Widely used for indoor, outdoor and HD video effect.

    • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

    • Can be different size based on the module size.

    • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

    • Special design of the led software.

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Front access maintenance, whole finished products, no need extra installation work.

    • Different shapes  installation are available for choose.