Your Vision, Our Creativity

The sky, appeared in science fiction movies, is like a dreamy sky, shrouded in the future city. But what exactly is the sky? Simply put, the sky screen is a huge LED full-color display that traverses in the air. It is controlled by computer, playing video animation, dreamy ocean, beautiful flower sea, etc. The strong dynamic gives you a shocking visual effect, just like being in the air. The vast universe, or the historical river, enjoys a journey between reality and fantasy.

The LED skylight system is designed with a colorful LED display and a three-dimensional sound image reinforcement system, which perfectly achieves image-sound synchronization. The large LED sky screen hoisted on the top of the ceiling is like a colorful satin, bright and deep sky, and with the new LED light strips, lights, spotlights and other lighting equipment, to play a brightening and rendering role. It is a powerful visual and auditory experience that gives people a strong visual impact. It becomes a tall indoor display and is integrated with the building.

The completion of a led canopy can not only establish a brand image, increase the price of real estate, promote commercial prosperity, improve the decorative effect, but also make the place become a city landmark building, gather business popularity, and bring you greater advertising revenue.

    • Widely used for indoor, outdoor and HD video effect.

    • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

    • Can be different size based on the module size.

    • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

    • Special design of the led software.

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Front access maintenance, whole finished products, no need extra installation work.

    • Different shapes  installation are available for choose.