Your Vision, Our Creativity

You may have noticed that in many exhibitions, the status with ribbon shape can always attract people’s attention. The perfect combination of move and stay have generated an unusual type of aesthetic feeling. BUT HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT YOU CAN HAVE ONE RIBBON SHAPE STATUS BUT WITH DRAMATICALLY LED LIGHT EFFECTS?

With the advanced technology of XD Vision’s Soft Module, MelbourneLED can help you design and install all kinds of ribbon-shape LED display. Similar to curved LED display, but Ribbon-Shape LED Display can achieve hundreds and thousands of different shapes by using XD Vision Soft Module. The Soft Modules are highly flexible and easy to bend, therefore they can fits in all kinds of design EVEN THE SHAPE IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. Our professional and experienced design and installation team can make your craziest illusions into realistic.  

    • Shape is customized, welcome to provide ideas, will custom make for your requirements

    • Maintainance convenient: support after maintenance and Before maintenance

    • Effect: The creative appearance and wonderful showing effect attracts most attention during the usage.

    • Flexible control with asynchronous compatible, support offline and online two ways.