Your Vision, Our Creativity

Whether in architecture or interior design, the use of hexagons seems to have become commonplace, almost every day. In the hands of designers, it is almost a representative of fashion and modernity. In this case, hexagonal LED screen was born. It can meet the designer’s requirements for style and fashion, and arbitrarily combine and decompose, breaking the traditional display of the conventional display, so that the display has more creativity and possibilities.


1. High brightness and be adjustable, meets the need of the changing requirement of customer in environment.

2.Having larger viewing angle: Horizontal angle 140 degree / elevation angle 45 degree. Getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range.

3.Having good lightening accordance and no mosaic

4.Any led in each pixel can be respectively repaired, which reduce the cost of the display maitenance.

5.Good heat emission capability

6.Special hexagonal shape design, easy to attact more people, good for advertisment.

    • Special,Custom,Unique,Magic;

    • Unique hexagon design,magic and fantasy effect;

    • Cabinet design,good for fixed installation and mobile event booth;

    • Can controlled by software,can realize musical and 3D effect;

    • Ideal choice for club and stage’s lighting effect.