Your Vision, Our Creativity

With the development of LED display theory and technology, the demands for better and  flexible LED display are increasing in recent years. The curved LED displays are often presented in fiction novels or movies, which demonstrated people’s imagine  of the future technologies.  Nowadays, curved display is not a new technology anymore as it is wildly used in theatres and museums to achieve a better visual enjoyment. But by using different XD Vision’s LED modules, MelbourneLED can help you achieve the same results to your LED display.

  1. XD Vision hard module to achieve curved effects
  2. The Rental LED Display which manufactured by XD Vision contains a wild range of size and design. For clients who want established a large curved demonstrate screen display, XD Vision’s Rental Hard Module can easily form the expected shapes for people to achieve maximum visual effects. These modules are easy to install and maintain, only set a specified angle between different LED modules, your designs will come true.

  3. XD Vision soft module to achieve REAL CURVED LED DISPLAY
  4. Apart from the large curved demonstrate screen which suitable for museum and exhibition. MelbourneLED introduce XD Vision Soft Module with proud which can use REAL-CURVED technology to design and build small size curved LED display. The main body of Soft Modules is flexible and easy to bend as expected. Therefore they can suited in many different environments and situations to attract all views of visitors.

    • Experienced design and installation team

    • Digital LED screens for Indoor or Outdoor use

    • Selection of LED pixel pitches available from 2mm

    • Day/ night auto-adjust brightness available

    • CMS with Media player is supplied according to client control requirements

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Ability to produce digital video walls of any size or configuration