Your Vision, Our Creativity

MelbourneLED’s cube LED display, is also known as cube LED display, hexahedral LED display. A seamless connection between the face and the face is achieved! Using the advanced box design process, through the combination with the actual installation site environment, it has created a new LED display with creative leadership. The most attractive feature of this screen is the unique shape, which is free from the sense of the traditional flat display and give people a new visual sense of three-dimensionality. Compared with traditional indoor fixed LED display, outdoor fixed LED display and soft flexible LED display, cube display is creative LED display with novel shape design to display media content. it is most creative and innovative design LED display product as a artwork and symbol for shopping center, square, TV show, company, stage , building and more.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, XD Vision Cube Display with beautiful design and excellent performance to meet the requirement of more and more clients need some more creative products to reflect their characteristic culture.

    • Widely used for indoor, HD video effect.

    • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

    • Can be different size based on the module size.

    • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

    • Special design of the led software.

    • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

    • Front access maintenance, whole finished products, no need extra installation work.

    • Both standing and hanging installation are available for choose.