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LED columns are quickly becoming a trendy element at popular malls and other attractions mainly because of the level of flexibility that LED columns have to offer. Regardless of what the pixel pitch size requirement is, the shape of the column, its size or surface dimensions, LED column’literally covers them’. The columnar LED display has excellent display performance and has the advantage that the traditional flat LED display can’t match. It can display the full image content in 360-degree range, 360-degree full-range viewing, multi-picture synchronous display, eliminate the dead zone. Satisfying people’s pursuit of high-quality images is the new favorite of many media exhibition venues such as exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, stage bars, casino games halls and other public places.

They are including:

  1. LED flexible column curved display

    These columns did not just vary in terms of shape and size (height), but were also uniquely shaped. Other ‘venues’ that are suitable for LED Column installations include airports, museums and arcades and the reason as to why these LED columns have practical applications to almost any venue is due to the projections. Clients are able to project just about anything they intend to project on these screens according to the themes that they are promoting.

  2. Column deconstructed LED curved

    Column screens are able to project videos (fashion videos, product advertisements and promotional videos), graphic vectors or even just plain text at the desired levels of resolution. In other words, just like most other products, customers are able to choose their content and the results are ‘rest assured’ very impressive.

  • Widely used for indoor, outdoor and HD video effect.

  • Experienced design and installation team.

  • Can be designed for pixel pitch.

  • Can be different size based on the module size.

  • Special design of the structure with light weight and perfect for cooling.

  • Special design of the led software.

  • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

  • Front access maintenance, whole finished products, no need extra installation work.

  • Different shapes  installation are available for choose.