Motorise LED Display

Your Vision, Our Creativity

Motorised LED Displays are a ground-breaking innovation that paves the way for LED technology in Australia. It utilises a motorised structure behind multiple LED signs and visual effects to create an engaging performance that captures viewers. Not only can the signs display highly detailed videos, but it can also combine visual effects with motorised movement for an impressive display. Each module can move, slide or rotate, all which can match the video displayed on the sign.

The Motorised LED Display has a wide range of uses, including digital signage, stage shows and other entertainment and enterprise events. With XD Vision’s high quality LED screens and the experience of MelbourneLED, we will create an LED display to bring out your business’s potential.

  • Used for both indoors and outdoors

  • HD video playback

  • Suitable for almost any event type

  • Highly durable and modular video walls that can be designed for any environment

  • Lightweight structure with cooling capabilities

  • LED control software is intuitive to use

  • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor

  • Easy maintenance with front access

  • Different shapes available.