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Brings Your Vision to Life

Ever since the first LED cinema made in the US in 2018, more and more owners of cinema and theatres are looking towards LED technology. The benefits of an LED screen over a traditional projector are plenty, they are energy saving, have higher brightness and are far easier to maintain. The detailed, and bright LED screen might just be the perfect addition to your cinema.

Although the technology of the traditional projector has progressed over the decades, it still holds many limits such as requiring a dark environment, and many pieces of equipment to maximise performance. Projectors also have difficulties displaying HDR video and are costly to upgrade and maintain. LED screens in contrast provide the benefits of needing no dark environment due to brightness and displays a richer variety of colours, with maintenance and upgrading made easier thanks to its modular design.

Here at MelbourneLED, we can provide you with the best LED screen that suits both movie theatres and your own personal family theatre. Our experienced design and technical support teams can handle all your requirements for the screen, such as size and type of installation. We also can provide an installation service to optimise the performance of the screen. For customers who only need a temporary LED theatre, we have options for a LED screen designed for rental that can be easily and quickly installed and dismantled, all of this at an affordable price.

  • Used for indoor homes and function rooms

  • HD video display

  • Suitable for almost any event type

  • Highly durable and modular video walls that can be designed for any environment

  • Android TV software included

  • Experienced design and installation team