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Interactive Video Wall

Your Vision, Our Creativity

When talking about interactive LED displays your first thought might be the interactive displays designed for education and enterprise use. However, to satisfy the increasing demand of these displays XD Vision has developed variety of interactive displays to suit various applications. Our experienced design and install teams can help achieve your vision no matter what it may be. MelbourneLED’s Interactive Video Wall are engaging for viewers and deliver a visual experience like no other.

Our options:

  1. Touch Interactive LED Display

    The Touch Interactive LED Display are commonly found in our everyday lives. They are widely used in schools, enterprises for teaching, presentations and meetings. However, these displays have also become increasingly popular in museums, exhibition halls, shopping centres and other entertainment venues. The LED display can act as a monitor for a PC or Mac, allowing users to display any applications running on the computer onto a large screen and interact with it. This large interactive screen also inspires collaboration and can be used with software to annotate and collaborate on the content on-screen. This display can be installed on the wall, table or standing frames depending on your vision and requirements.

  2. Radar Interactive LED Display

    Radar Interactive LED Display adds the element of distance to the interactivity of the display. Viewers can interact with the display at a distance without even needing to touch it. This can allow the display to be interacted with at multiple distances and opens the installation up for more creative opportunities. The Radar Interactive LED display is convenient for those that need interactivity from a distance.

    Radar Touch Interactive System

    Application Scenes

  3. Interactive LED Floor Display

    The Interactive Floor LED Display allows for a diverse range of applications, from an interactive stage performance or an eye-catching LED dance floor. There is a lot of potential in this interactivity, it’s possible to create mini-games for remembering a lit up path and relighting the same tiles, timing games where you have to reach a lit spot before it dims, or even a competent dancing game without needing a separate screen telling you where to step.

  • Indoor use

  • Fine pixel pitch LED for improved resolution

  • GOB surface protection

  • LED control software is intuitive to use

  • Can be displayed on walls and floors

  • Experienced design and installation team