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Your Vision, Our Creativity

As technology evolves and the level of entertainment constantly increasing, more and more night clubs and dancing halls are looking towards incorporating an LED floor display. With advanced technology and creative applications, our Floor LED Display combines stylish implementation with exciting visuals to bring your entertainment to the next level. Any image or movie can be played on this floor display, opening up imaginative possibilities for any visual effects you want.

Our LED floors utilise cutting edge technology to bring you the best visuals to heighten your events. These displays are perfect for concerts and dance events, creating engaging experiences that all can enjoy. They are also extremely durable and can sustain heavy loads. The LED Floor Display can be used as a table, a virtual dance floor, a podium, a fashion ramp, or anything else you can imagine.

Our options:

  1. Non-interactive Floor LED Display

    Our displays turn your floor into an engaging visual spectacle with a design tailor made for your requirements. We can also design, produce and install any supporting structures to ensure that the displays are mounted safely according to what you need. MelbourneLED’s Non-interactive Floor LED Display can be bought or rented.

  2. Interactive Floor LED Display

    Whilst being similar to the Non-interactive Floor LED Display, the interactive version allows for a diverse range of applications, from an interactive stage performance or an eye-catching LED dance floor. There is a lot of potential in this interactivity, it’s possible to create mini-games for remembering a lit up path and relighting the same tiles, timing games where you have to reach a lit spot before it dims, or even a competent dancing game without needing a separate screen telling you where to step.

  • Used for indoor, outdoor and interactive effect.

  • Experienced design and installation team.

  • Interactive or non-interactive solution available

  • Can be different size based on the module size.

  • Easy to set up and disassembly.

  • Special design of the led software.

  • Support a variety of external signal access with led video processor.

  • Strong load-bearing ability. It can bear 1.5 ton per square meter

  • Suitable for both fixed installation and rental use.