Your Vision, Our Creativity

LED door displays are quickly becoming popular in the retail space, a well-designed display is immediately eye catching and draws customers into your business. LED door displays have the unique ability to present moving images, this can be coupled with sound effects to create engaging experiences that capture the audience before they even walk into your doors. These displays can be better integrated into the surroundings and can feature moving parts like a sliding door. It is also possible to combine smart systems into the design to create a valuable interactive display that can react to a viewer’s presence and touch if you desire. With the advanced technology of XD vision, MelbourneLED can help you with designing unique experiences that captivates.

Our options:

  1. Simple LED door display

    The simple door LED display installs the display on doors to show various videos. Paired with visual effects, this can make your doors stand out from your neighbouring businesses. Some ideas include using the door as apart of the image to hide it or integrating it with surrounding walls to give a sense of unity to the display.

  2. Sliding Door LED Display

    Sliding doors are increasingly popular in large shopping centres, museums and exhibitions. With the addition of motion in the display, new opportunities for visual effects paired with the sliding movement can make a display that is unique from the rest of the competition.

  3. Interactive displays are a newly developed technology that is rapidly rising. This can be paired with LED door installations and allows the display to react to when people are present, their touch and other possible stimulus. With XD Vision’s interactive LED displays, it will leave your visitors immersed and amazed at the installation.

    • Used for both indoors and outdoors

    • Supports videos and optional interactivity

    • Various sizes available depending on LED module

    • Easy to set up and disassemble

    • LED control software is intuitive to use

    • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor

    • Can bear heavy loads – 1.5 ton per square meter

    • Suitable for both fixed installation and rental use