Your Vision, Our Creativity

Nothing is more noticeable and impactful than a building LED display showing off your brand image. MelbourneLED’s building display LED signs are lightweight and provide easy maintenance. Our signs will help mark your business on the map by creating opportunities to bring your message to a wider audience.

No matter if your building is built to display signs or not, our lightweight LED panels can be retrofitted, allowing for a flexibility that was not available in the past. With Transparent LED signs, customers can see through them from inside the building, allowing for more choices for putting signs such as on windows.

MelbourneLED has been key in many businesses being able to reach their audience and engage them with far reaching LED displays.

We offer a wide range of LED signs, from transparent signs that can be seen from the inside to large displays that are as long as a building, flexible signs that can wrap structures and large indoor installations. We can design the building display to your needs and requirements.

Examples of building displays

  • Entertainment venues
  • Live performance events
  • Sport stadiums and venues
  • Store displays
  • Broadcasting sets and studios
    • Widely used for outdoor building walls and rooftops

    • Can be designed for any pixel size

    • Various sizes available depending on LED module

    • Designed for outdoors with waterproof and better cooling

    • Supports online cloud based content management software

    • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor

    • Front access for easy maintenance

    • Shape can be customised to your choosing