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3D Immerse LED Display

Your Vision, Our Creativity

3D Immerse LED display provides a seamless experience that integrates panoramic ultra-HD video and sound effects in a fully surrounding environment of LED screens. The result is an extremely immersive experience comparable to virtual reality and simulation environments.

This large instalment utilises multiple large LED signs to cover a cave-like space. The content of the displays can be conveniently changed by one controller. The uses are varied, as it can be used to display large digital movies, data presentations, environment simulations and providing immersive entertainment for the end user such as looking up at the stars, swimming in an underwater world and seeing a volcano erupt.

In contrast to virtual reality headsets, 3D Immerse LED display can be a shared experience amongst all viewers. This fosters communication and collaboration, something absent from a personal virtual reality experience.

Tailored for you

MelbourneLED’s customisable cave displays can have a cube-like shape with a number of sides ranging from two to six and cut to any size you desire, and an option for a sphere-like dome display. We are also flexible and suit the LED signs to your needs, some examples include; a fixed or transportable installation, rigid and flexible screens and differing display resolutions.

Uses of Immerse LED display:

  • A stage asset for TV shows and entertainment
  • 3D models data visualization and analysis
  • Simulating education or training sessions
  • Simulating destinations with immersion
  • Simulating military activities
  • Visualising architectural designs
  • Previewing Real Estate development projects
  • Viewing a group-based activity via virtual reality
    • Widely used for immersive indoor video installations

    • Can be designed to use any pixel pitch size

    • Different sizes available based on LED module

    • LED display is lightweight and has cooling capabilities

    • LED control software is intuitive to use

    • Easy maintenance and installation with front access

    • Creative design installation options are available

    • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor