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Shelf LED edge technology is capable of delivering dynamic pricing, promotion, production and brand related information at the shelf edge. It is convenient for shop owners as prices, promotions and advertisement can now be changed with a click of a button. MelbourneLED is here to help you design and install relevant LED products by using XD Vision series LED sign. The Shelf LED Display we provide are easy to install, maintain and are also waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Our shelf LED display can be the difference between getting your product noticed or dismissed.

Main uses of shelf LED displays:

1. Shopping mall. supermarket and small commodity display shop

With the rapid growth of the Australian economy, consumer spending is at an all-time high. These LED signs can be updated with the latest promotional information to maximize consumer interest and build their interest in your products.

2. Commercial buildings

LED advertising displays installed in urban office buildings, unmanned vending machines, elevator entrances of apartment buildings and other places with many commuters can increase your product reach draw in potential customers.

3. Hotels, restaurants

With the automation of LED shelf displays, on time information and entertainment can be delivered on a timely manner. This allows customers to be up to date with the current promotional offers and draw in interested customers.

4. Schools, government, enterprises, conference venues

LED screens can display information where people circulate. Its bright nature also makes it more noticeable and can be viewed from a distance. This makes it convenient for sharing information such as announcements.

5. Transportation

The shelf LED display can also be used for entertainment or promotional offers on public transport, subways and many more.

6. Banks and financial institutions

In financial institutions such as banks and stock exchanges, LED displays can update data center information in real time and display it to end users.

  • Widely used for indoor applications

  • Supports HD video

  • Experienced design and installation team

  • Light weight structure

  • LED control software is intuitive to use

  • Supports cloud based content management systems

  • Easy maintenance and installation