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Your Vision, Our Creativity

Traditional printed posters are difficult to maintain as it requires the maintenance person to print a new poster and go to the location of the older poster to change it. This could be a dangerous venture as posters can be placed on busy roads or on a high position. With MelbourneLED’s 4G poster display, it simplifies this process greatly, and you can control what the sign displays from the comfort of your computer. This allows one person to control hundreds of posters with ease and control what the sign displays on an advertisement schedule. This automation creates a hassle-free method of updating your posters, benefitting you and your customers.


LED poster displays have multiple mounting methods, which includes side mounting, hanging, floor standing and so on. Installing an LED poster for your business will bring more customers to your business as they are eye catching and impactful. The LED poster display is entirely front serviceable, with a magnetic module design that saves your time and money by making maintenance easy. Built in media player allows for uploading media through Wi-Fi or USB. LED poster display frame colour can be customised with multiple screen modes, this allows you to customise it for your needs.

Apart from the LED poster displays, MelbourneLED can also provide transparent LED poster displays. XD Vision’s light-up signs are unlike other digital posters as these signs are built to be bright and clear. The pixels range from 3mm to 5mm and the brightness can go up to 6000 NITs. These posters come in three convenient sizes and are perfect for retail shops, malls, restaurants, auto dealers, , events, movie theatres, festivals, and many other applications.

  • Changing media content is fast and easy

  • Experienced design and installation team

  • Thin and light design

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor

  • Adjustable angle frame