Outdoor Pylon Display

Your Vision, Our Creativity

Pylon signs are also known as free standing or pole signs. These signs are put up high on a pole or pylon without relying on any building or structure to support them. These signs offer great visibility from a distance as they are mounted higher than monument signs.

With pylon signs you can get an advantage over the rest of the businesses beside yours on the street. The high mounted nature of these signs allow them to be easily seen by commuters on a busy highway even if they are a distance away. These signs can represent your businesses identity and professionalism to the outside world. There is no greater option for turning everyday commuters into potential customers.

Pylon signs are most commonly lit up internally but can also be lit up externally. Signs lit up internally are static such as 3D text or an image. Meanwhile externally lit signs, such as LED signs provide capabilities for updating the image on the sign, allowing the broadcasting of messages such as sales and promotional offers for maximum impact.

Make sure to check with your local council or city for height and size restrictions.

We can provide…

  • New pylon signs for new plaza, stores or existing pylon signs
  • Upgrading existing pylon signs by adding LED screen retrofitting
  • New pylons for schools, churches and auto shop/plazas
  • Pylons for medical clinics and hospitals
  • Pylons for car dealers and car washes
  • New pylons for gas stations or upgrade the existing sign with LED gas price signs and LED screens
  • Widely used for outdoors

  • Ability to play HD videos

  • Experienced design and installation team

  • High flexible and modular video walls that can be designed for any environment

  • Lightweight and cooling capabilities

  • LED control software is intuitive to use

  • Supports multiple media sources with built in video processor

  • Shape can be customised to your choosing