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Motorists continue to queue for long periods to cash-in on cheaper fuel on Mondays, with lines of cars often stretching several blocks and causing traffic disruptions. The uniquely West Australian weekly phenomenon shows how far motorists are prepared to sacrifice their time to save up to $10 a week. Several petrol station managers contacted by The West Australian indicated there was often "mayhem around the bowsers" on Mondays. "Its great that motorists get a chance to save money on Mondays," one manager said. "But I don’t know that I’d be prepared to wait in a queue for so long, just to save a few bucks." Price cycles have been a feature of petrol sales in Australian cities for many years. While sudden spikes in price can be frustrating, the cycles provide motorists with an opportunity to save money by buying petrol on the "cheap days". Unlike the Eastern States capital cities, Perth’s price occurs weekly, making it highly predictable —prices are at their lowest on Mondays and highest on Tuesdays. As a result, more than 25 per cent of all fuel sales in Perth are on Mondays, and less than 10 per cent on Tuesdays. In its report released in December, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission estimated that Perth drivers could save $520 each year — or $10 a week — by filling up on Mondays and not Tuesdays. The potential savings was easily the highest in the country and compared to $200 in Adelaide, $175 in Sydney and $150 in Melbourne and Brisbane.Pictured are Puma Petrol Station Cnr First Avenue & Guildford Road, Mount Lawley. Picture: Ross Swanborough. 150419
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