Stand out from the competition

With the fierce competition in the retail sector, businesses are looking for ways to stand out from their peers. With LED Digital signage, capture the attention of would-be customers with bright and engaging graphics. Share your promotional offers with the wider audience utilising wide viewing angles and unmatched brightness.

However, putting an LED sign up is only half of the story, the other half lies in creative design. Our experienced design team can work with a variety of clients to deliver a sign for your needs. If needed, we can design LED signs that integrates with the architecture of your building or make a sign with any shape you can imagine. With our creativity we can create a unique look that stands out from the rest.

Easy to use software

The content management system of our signs ensures that updates to information and content are easily managed. Schedule announcements and messages easily, automatically update the signs from any location and arrange media in whatever way you like. The advantages of an LED sign are aplenty compared to traditional posters and paper. All you need to monitor your system is an internet connection.


At MelbourneLED, we ensure your investments are covered with:

  • Technical support service
  • 3 year warranty
  • Service contract options for every LED display product

Storefront Signage

Grab attention and make a strong first impression on shoppers with stunning LED window, outdoor and entryway displays. Bright and colourful storefront signage featuring dazzling product photography and video pique the curiosity of customers, inviting them to browse more inside.

Recommended Solutions:

Designed and Built

Modern and artistic LED and LCD displays with ultra-thin profiles compliment the interior aesthetic of retail spaces, creating visual appeal and a more refined look. In addition to looking good, leading-edge displays incorporating protective coating technologies and mission-critical designs offer durability and reliable performance in active retail settings.

In-Store Advertising

Design an immersive retail environment that’s as savvy and dynamic as the consumer. In-store displays present a sophisticated option for promoting brands, highlighting product features and inspiring consumer choices.

Recommended Solutions:

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