Efficient and effective communication

Digital LED signs can empower governments at all levels to communicate to the public and employees efficiently. With our content management system, it is easy and intuitive to schedule announcements and messages and create engaging visual communication.

Possible applications:

  • Court dockets – display court information such as case numbers and times
  • Wayfinding – help people find offices and other locations
  • Staff communication – easily communicate announcements, rules and regulations
  • Information slides – communicate current initiatives and upcoming events to the public
  • Emergency alerts – override normal content to warn the public of danger

State & Local Government

Across Australia, State and Local Governments rely on display technology to help serve and protect their local communities. From high resolution video walls operations centres to flight information displays in airports to desktop monitors for digital workstations, XD delivers a wide range of display solutions to meet the needs of state and local government organizations.

Recommended Solutions:

Emergency and Fire Rescue(CFA)

Display solution for emergency information and warnings, helping the community to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies across the country.

Recommended Solutions:

Control Rooms

Control Rooms are mission-critical environments where monitoring, emergency response, command operations or process control depend on the most reliable and high performing technology. Versatile, ultra-high resolution video walls and large format displays are a key component of a control room’s technology platform, providing sharp visibility of data and the flexibility to display it in the most effective way.

Recommended Solutions:

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