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LED signs are not only for display, but it can also heighten engagement with your customers, increase visibility to your brand and attract potential talent to your company. The vibrant, large displays also fosters collaboration and productivity in your teams, the cornerstone of any business. Investing in cutting edge display technology ensures that you’re keeping up with the modern era of fast moving technology.

XD Display solutions offer unlimited freedom with its flexible options and design. Our displays feature lightweight, ultra-thin designs built with 100,000 hour lifespan LEDs and easy maintenance with modular swappable LED boards. Whether you need a large thin display to cover a wall, custom column wraps, or a dramatic 360 ring in your lobby, we can build it with your vision.

Inspire, engage, and communicate with XD Vision Displays.


Corporate boardrooms, presentation rooms and meeting rooms serve as key spaces for holding important dialogues, sharing ideas, discussing strategies and making crucial business decisions. In these environments, fine pixel LED video walls and high-resolution large format 4K LCD displays allow your teams to present data and information with the highest clarity, enhancing communication and supporting the decision-making process

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Lobbies, Reception Areas

Corporate lobbies and reception areas provide the first opportunity to connect with visitors and introduce your story or unique value proposition. Impressive video walls-some visible from outside the building-create intriguing spaces and allow you to communicate messages in striking and vivid detail. Interactive touch screen displays and video walls invite visitors to engage with your brand and explore your company through immersive videos and stories.

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Architecture and Design

The architectural style of an office reflects a company’s corporate identity. To enhance workplace designs, flexible video wall displays can be adapted into unique and artistic configurations and integrated seamlessly into office environments, creating more interesting spaces and allowing organizations to engage visitors with digital content in more thoughtful ways.

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