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With so much advertisement cluttering high traffic locations, LED signs are on the rise to fight for the viewer’s attention. However, how do you capture a market that is already accustomed to bright imagery and draw their attention away from their smartphones?

Our digital billboards are designed with all of this in mind, featuring higher brightness, dynamic colours and is fully equipped for harsh, outdoor environments.

Features of MelbourneLED digital billboard:

  • Content management system (CMS) – customise the content on your sign with intuitive software
  • High brightness – 5000 nits, high refresh rates and high contrast delivers excellent visuals
  • Built strong – balanced between weight and durability, it withstands direct UV rays, severe weather conditions, changing temperatures and constant vibrations
  • Instant control – CMS allows for content to be changed in real time, scheduling of content and streams using live data
  • Display monitoring system – monitor your screen’s condition live and operate remotely from anywhere, it also generates report alerts if any error occurs.

Freeway and Buildings

High brightness, low power consumption LED video displays for high ambient light environments. They’re built to endure the weather with LED treatments to protect them from ultraviolet rays, dust and water, without negatively impacting the viewing experience

Recommended Solutions:

Shopping Centre

Today, shopping centre are a perfect location for digital signs. Not only can you find steady foot traffic at shopping centre, they are also a one stop shop for demographic targeting.

Recommended Solutions:


Eye-catching display technologies offer a compelling medium for advertising across transport venues by attracting the attention of passing by and engaging captive audiences, allowing facilities to maximize ad space opportunities at key locations. High-resolution displays designs convey more impact with ad messages—driving traffic to internal vendors and boosting revenue streams for local businesses.

Recommended Solutions:

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