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Aug 2020, Sunshine VIC - QF Series P6.67

Project Overview 

Outdoor fine pixel LED Video message display Adds ‘Hip’ Factor to School notice board

In keeping with the school’s mission to use leading-edge technology throughout, school incorporates a video wall on to the wall. The XD LED Video Wall System can be viewed from front and back of the hall, where it serves as a TV, movie screen, electronic billboard and digital scoreboard. Content shown includes live feeds of teacher’s laptop; television programming and information about other campus activities, events and news.

Most of the school are use manual board for years, but it had become outdated in both appearance and performance, and was costly to maintain. The school principal decided to replace it with the latest in LED video wall technology, and the XD outdoor LED Video Wall System provided the “wow factor” they were looking for, and a cost of ownership that couldn’t be beat.

The choice of PC or web based content management platforms. Control all the television inside your campus as well as the LED through 1 simple sign on web based control system.

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