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Jun 2020, Bentleigh VIC - I Series P2.5

Project Overview 

LED Video Wall for new cycling training room

LED Video Wall Displays are able to entertain and inform gym members as they work out. Gym goers are looking out for anything to engage them while working out; LED Video Wall works great in this environment as you already have an extremely captive audience. From class timetables to health tips you have the target market right in front of you to present relevant fitness and promotional materials.

The workouts taught live in gym/club facilities are customized and made available to you as online video and display on our large high resolution LED display.

Bright and colourful content is sure to stand out in loud gym full of  physical activity and you can tailor what is displayed on each screen  to specific parts of the gym. The reception area of any gym is a prime  position for Digital Signage. In this area you can inform members of gym  classes, and use these screens to promote other areas of gyms like café  items and spa treatments. Inside the gym itself in areas with lots of  static cardio machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes you can use  our Android Network Media Player with Live Input  to display a live TV feed surrounded by gym related content. For those  working out the visuals will be a welcome relief and a distraction while  exercising. For those doing more functional training you can post  workout demonstration videos to help people with their form and even  inspire them with new exercises. In the weights area you can display gym  safety rules and in larger exercise class rooms and gymnasiums; LED Video Walls  are great displays to show content on during classes and other events.  Digital Signage can help create a fun atmosphere in a gym, making it a  place where people will want to work out.

  • Wow members with LED Videos Walls that can scale to big sizes. 
  • All eyes will be on your content with a virtually seamless LED  Video Wall. 
  • Built-in cabinet  type makes configuration simple and cost effective. 
  • Made with high grade LED panel and  components mean these Video Walls can be in constant use 24/7 and have a  lifespan of over 80,000 hours. 
  • 1920Hz refresh rate make your Video Wall appear bright and vibrant and improve viewing angle up to 140°. 
  • Using our Network Media Player you can control your video wall from our online portal.

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