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May 2017 Melbourne VIC – AM Series P5

Project Overview 

Two off AMS P5 install in St. Kilda tram station, connected to Yarra Tram central management system via by PLC , automatic switching which PLATROM will be the NEXT TRAM. Fully outdoor aluminium cabinet and customised font for the display.

Our AM series LED DISPLAY (AMS) is a completely solid state (no moving parts) LED Digital Message display, available in indoor and outdoor, which is specifically designed for a wide range of Interactive Messaging applications.

AMS will play a Message as soon as it is Triggered by a Switch, a Sensor or at a User Programmed Time Interval.

AMS can play 1 Message, or you can load up to 20 Messages.


  • Is supplied with an 8MB storage to hold up to 2000 Character in 20 separate Messages
  • Uses a supplied PC software to provide for quick and easy Message Change
  • Is designed to automatically restart after any power interruption


  • AMS plays its Message as soon as it is triggered by a PLC switch which connected to a sensor, PIR movement sensor (as used with security equipment) or other switch based accessory.
  • Further triggering after the message is complete will cause the full message to play again, or if there are additional messages then the next message will play. Each triggering will cause one message to play. Once all messages have been played, AMS will start again from the first message.
  • Switches or Sensors can be normally open or normally closed, also AMS accept continue or push signal from PLC.
  • A wide range of 9 ~ 36V single DC power can be used with AMS in order to meet individual customer requirements.

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