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Custom Built LED Clocks & Counters
Keep track of time and temperature

LED Clock Display | LED Calendar | Timers | Temperature Display | World Time Display

Our LED Time Display clocks and LED counters can be used indoors or outdoors. They enable you to keep track of time and temperature very precisely. They are robust and versatile and you can use them in many different environments.

Key features:

  • Very bright - outdoor LED Time Display Clocks are suitable for all-day viewing, even in direct sunlight. They also display well at night.
  • Robust and reliable - they are made to the IP65 standard, which means they are dust proof and don't let in rain and spray.
  • Accurate - you can have them take their time signal from different sources. We can link the displays to the PC and synchronize the time so they are incredibly accurate.
  • If you want to, you can incorporate a LED clock unit or Temperature Display into another LED display giving an extra function to an information board, giving just a current time reading or temperature reading or both.
  • Wide coverage - You can show time in as many time zones or places as you like.
  • Large character height displays - if you need large time and temperature displays, then our range of 1 metre character high displays may be what you are looking for. These can display time, date and temperature and are primarily for outdoor use. They can be easily seen from very long distances - as much as 300 metres.

LED Counters | Count up | Countdown

Our LED Counter Displays can Countup and Countdown and can be used for a wide variety of uses. Often the Counters are used within industry including the counting down to the final manufacture of the Euro fighter, or counting up the amount of items produced or calls taken or customers through the door, whatever your needs.

retail led signs